Secure Concepts, Ltd., a Colorado corporation, began operations in January 1995 to develop and market patented products to law enforcement and related industries.

Principals of the company are Tav Tabacchi, President.

So take a look at our Product Line ( by clicking on the links or pictures below) and see what we have to offer, and if you have any questions or comments, contact us.

KeyCuff is involved in maintaining World Peace in: Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Djibouti.

KeyCuffs: Key-Cuffs were the first reusable nylon restraint for law enforcement. KeyCuffs/FlexCuff Comparison

Double KeyCuffs: The first reusable double nylon restraint for Law Enforcement has been used all over the world by professionals since 1996 in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other hot spots.

Tactical Door Viewer: The first low cost product that allows you to see from the outside in a conventional door viewer. Free Sample: Order a Free Sample of the Double KeyCuffs or the Original KeyCuff.
FlexCuff/KeyCuff Comparison

KeyCuff Restraint System: A new system to transport prisoners from the field to detention or interrogation centers.

Vizion 100 Fiber Scope: This is a new tool for looking under doors, around corners or into the tightest of places. The flexible cable fits into spaces as small as .5 inches (12mm) in diameter.

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